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    Windows 10 and XTU




      I was on the latest Windows 10 build ( 10162 ) and couldn't install XTU ( getting a privileges error ). When will XTU be supported on Windows 10 ? I need it to fix my overheating i7 4790k.





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          Hello Rickpm,


          We currently do not have information as to when the XTU would be available for Windows* 10, But please explain why the processor would be getting too hot with Windows* 10?  Regardless of the operating system, whatever settings you need to adjust, these would be available for you in the system BIOS.

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            I was having the problems as described in this troubleshooting: Troubleshooting Intel® Core™ i7-4790K / i5-4690K overheating
            I tried to adjust the settings in Windows 10 with the XTU but obviously it wouldn't install. There are some options in the XTU which I couldn't find in my bios.


            I forget to give you my specs:
            Z97-G43 MSI
            i7 4790k
            Now running on Win 8.1

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              Hello Rickpm,


              The settings available in XTU are dependent on what your systems BIOS exposes to the tool, the XTU will not modify anything different than what the BIOS has. So please check the “Customer Reported Settings” section as well as the posts from other users in the tread that you posted for some of the suggested settings, but I would also suggest to check mainly for Vcore voltage and the BCLK settings since these are the ones I’ve found that are usually altered on most motherboards.

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                I changed the settings in Win 8.1 with XTU.  After that I went back to Win 10 and the settings changed in XTU were still effective. I ran Prime95 ( torture test ) and now the temperatures never go above 70 degrees. When problems occur in the future I will follow your advice ( or maybe XTU is supported by then ). Either way thank you for your advice.

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                  it is already compatible with Windows 10. It worked for me, one catch: you had to install Intel XTU when you had a previous version of Windows, such as 7, 8, or 8.1. If you installed Intel XTU first and then Windows 10, then you're fine.

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                    Hi Berfs1,


                    Thanks for sharing. good to know.