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    Windows 7 - Raid 10 - Intel Raid Storage Tech - RAID DOWN


      I am desperate for help and any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


      Computer Specs:

      Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.

      32GB ram
      Intel Core i7-5820K CPU@3.30GHz
      4x Hard Drives on Raid @ 3TB each – 12TB total – 6TB in use with Raid 10
      Using “Intel Rapid Storage Technology.”
      All 4x Hard Drives of the Raid are 6 months old.
      I checked the Hard Drives with S.M.A.R.T and everything is good (used program gssmartcontrol.exe)

      Events leading up to and after Raid failure:

      An update to Norton 360 came down so I installed the update.

      I ran the usual check for errors and viruses and restarted my computer.

      The computer went into an endless loop of restarting - so I went into safe mode and restored windows to a point - about 5 days earlier.

      The only thing I updated during that 5 day period was Norton because I was out of town.

      When I restarted my computer I got Raid errors from “Intel Rapid Storage Technology.”

      Somehow – under Computer Management – it now shows 2x drive (both right at 6TB) as RAW File System.
      Windows wants to initialize them since they are showing as RAW but I haven’t done so.

      Here is what I see under “Intel Rapid Storage Technology”


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          Hello cheipel,


          It seems that the actual raid configuration did not fail but rather those two drives are no longer member disks, I would suggests going to the Raid BIOS and check if you see these two drives show as “unallocated” and we would expect to see the Raid as degraded, if they do not show at all you may need to initialize them and then they would most likely rebuild the Raid.

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            Thank you for replying!


            I went into my bios (Ausus UEFI Bios Utility - version 2.16.1242) under Advanced\Intel Rapid Storage Tech...

            It does show "Failed" for Raid 10 and then shows 2 "Non-Raid Physical Disks."

            When I click on either of those drives - i do not get any options to change anything.

            Here is a screen shot of the Failed Media Drives and when I click on one of the "Non-Raid Physical Drive Disks" in the bios:



            Is this what you were thinking of and I should initialize them through "Disk Management?"

            I've been hesitating to click "initialize" because I really do not want to lose the data that's on there.

            Here is a screen shot of my "Disk Management"


            It is a little confusing to me that it shows 3x disks of the Raid and each shows 6TB each. (rounding up)

            I have 4x disks that are 3TB each - totaling 12TB then raid 10 down to 6TB. (rounding up)


            Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

            Thank you for taking your time to review all of this.


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              In this case it is better to back up your information, recreate the RAID Volume and reinstall the OS since according to these screen shots, you either you have two bad drives or there is a problem with the RAID controller.