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    DG43NB auxiliary fan question


      Hi all


      MY MOTHERBOARD:   DG43NB     BIOS updated to: ver 0098   BIOS date: 9/28/2009


      I have installed an auxiliary fan in my casing ( from an old branded system, as the fan is quite good )


      fan specs :


      NIDEC CO.   MODEL TA450DC ,               12V DC   1.4 Amps    4-pin connector.


      this board supports 4pin connector for auxiliary fan.


      as we know 4pin connectors function:

      pin 1  : GND

      pin 2  : +12V

      pin 3 : Tacho / fan speed sensor  ( mobo reads fan speed from this signal )

      pin 4 : PWM control   ( mobo controls fan speed from this signal )



      I have two issues:


      Q.1   At each cold start, aux fan spins at its full for a couple of seconds, many times it happens before windows desktop appears. Later also fan spins  intermitently at full speed even when temps or normal.


      Q.2  I am using Intel utility to monitor fan speed..... ( this application upto vista, win7 not mentioned on download ).  It works on win 7 but:

                rear fan shows '0 rpm'  ( stopped ) while it is not,

                intermittent warnings for other fan stop. while all fan works

                aux fan still intermittently speeds up.


                ( when check in BIOS hardware monitoring menu, all fan shows working there )


      Q.2  this aux fan I installed is high speed approx 3000 rpm, very heavy duty.  when running at its full, it draws max current of approx 1.4 Amps ( as mentioned in fan specs)


           DOES DG43NB BOARD support 1.4 amp for aux fan connector? or will it overload and may cause damage to board?


           I did'nt find this info anywhere in DG43NB tech specs, guides etc



      please help

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          These specs I have read on "DG43NB_ProductGuide01_English.pdf" or "DG43NB_TechProdSpec.pdf", it mentions 2 amps for the four pin header and 1,5 amps for the 3 pin header as far as I can remember.

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            Thank you I just got in fo from :

            "DG43NB Technical Product Specification.pdf"


            here is what I got:



            Table 30. Fan Header Current Capability

            Fan Header Maximum Available Current

            Processor fan 2.0 A

            Front chassis fan 1.5 A

            Rear chassis fan 1.5 A

            Auxiliary chassis fan 2.0 A



            since Aux fan shows 2.0Amp here in the specs, I must believe, having no issue from my 1.6 amps Aux fan.