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    Intel HD 2500 No Video from motherboard at all


      Hi, I have an Intel i3 3.40GHz 3240 Ivy Bridge model. It's about two years old now and I haven't been able to use it in the past three months. I keep trying to reach out for help but people keep giving me this "Install the updated drivers" bullsht. My problem isn't drivers. I'm getting zero video at all from either DVI on my motherboard. I can't run Windows, I can't run Mac OS X, I can't run  linux. It's not the OS. It's not the monitor either. I've tested three monitors so far, an old 4:3 flatscreen LCD, my main 16:9 HP display and even an old 20' CRT display. I'm using a DVI to VGA adapter, but I know the adapter is not bad as the same adapter and DVI cable works great on my PowerMac G5. I've been stuck using only an old G5 (It isn't slow, but it's not i3 fast). I really need some help. I tested RAM, removed all non-vital parts and cords. I've reapplied thermal paste, tried a new PSU. I'm at a loss. I heard someone say to remove both RAM sticks and if the motherboard beeps then it's not bad, it did beep.


      ~Here's what happens when I press the power button~

      Fans spin up full blast

      Fans slow down to normal idle speeds

      Power indicator is on, Power LED is green and the PSU light is green

      No video on the monitor at all


      I have also played around with jumpers and removed the CMOS battery to reset my BIOS settings. Nothing worked.

      Last month the last time I tried this I let the computer sit on for hours to see if it would do anything. After about two hours it did reboot with video but the second it wen't passed by the BIOS it just shut back off.


      Also, sorry if I come off as an ***, I've just been all over the internet and have called countless help lines and they all have given me the same answer "Upgrade your drivers".

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          Well **** it. Motherboard literally caught fire while I was working on it. Man **** this ****. When someone buys a product it should ******* work. You think people got the money for new $100 parts every year? **** no we don't. **** Intel and **** HP man. Thanks for the ******* help **** heads.

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            Hello WalnutSpice_97;

                            I will like to apologize on the delay on your answer. After reading all the information you POSTED it seems the problem is with mother video output.  To best verify this I will recommend to get a video card and connect it to the proper PCI slot and test booting up.

            Also I will recommend checking with the manufacturer of your system board to ensure if there is a jumper setting to clear the CMOS and or if the system board is in warranty.

            This is because chipset is Intel but the OEM on the system board is for each OEM like (HP, Dell, etc).


            Henry A.