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    How can I transfer data on Edison via WiFi direct?


      Hi. Following Intel®  Edison Boards — Wi-Fi User Guide, I successfully connected two Edison by P2P connection with PIN mode as autonomous GO(section 6.4).

      Now I want to transfer sensor data value(from sparkfun 9dof block) from one edison to the other edison or web server. but Intel® Edison Boards — Wi-Fi User Guide is explaining only various connection methods.

      I've read this link : Wifi Direct data transfer

      but i don't know where I can download "the openssh-sftp package".


      1> How can I get the openssh-sftp package?

      and I am very sorry but when I tried to do sftp, I don't know what should I do first because I am real beginner in this area. I am using Ubuntu Linux.


      2>What should I do? could you give me the baiscally concrete procedures to transfer sensor data value which was received from 9dof sensor?


      Thank you.