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    DHCP on a Galileo V1



      I've found the necessary details for setting up the Galileo V1 to make use of its attached WiFi card and thus make use of Wifi inside my apartment. (Making use of Wifi services in a hackerspace that doesn't use the same methods of connection is next.) What I'm interested in doing next is configuring the device so that I can provide an IP address to something connected to its Ethernet port via a crossover cable for Ethernet. I freely admit I'm at something at a loss regarding the process however.

      I might also mention that I'm returning to the Galileo V1 after a rather long hibernation as applied to it. I can also provide further details for why I'm interested in setting up the Galileo V1 in such a form and what it will be connected to. However the connected-to board is outside the scope of our discussions.