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    i7 screen tearing


      Just put together an i7 4790K computer and am noticing screen tearing while browsing web and using certain applications. I used same graphics card with another processor in another motherboard, so it has nothing to do with the gpu. The sreen tearing doesn't happen when I'm playing modern games. It only happens when playing older emulated games which are CPU dependent. Also built a G3258 computer and it has no problems.


      Any ideas how to fix this? Or should I return the i7?

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          Can you please attach here your system report information? How to get it?

          System Information: Click Start> Type System Information> Click File> Export> Save File> Attach using Advanced Editor Options.


          Also, can you tell me what the games you are testing are? What emulator are you using and where can I get a demo of it?

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            I figured out the problem. I'm using an AMD graphics card (R9 270) at the moment and Catalyst Control Center "Omega" was added (provides drivers). Apparently graphics card preset settings were added (in Catalyst control Center "Omega") with the new Intel board and CPU and new Windows 7 install.


            Before there was no visible system wide settings for regular use, only game profiles/settings. Therefore I didn't realize it, however the System settings were set to have V-synch off. I turned V-synch on in the System profile in Catalyst Control Center "Omega" and also put on triple buffering for good measure and the screen tearing went away.


            This problem might cause other people to think their CPU is defective, when it isn't. Not sure why AMD would preset the system to have V-synch off initially on regular desktop.


            The emulator ran in the regular windows that is why it was affected. I searched the internet and other people have experienced this, however they have no idea why it occurs. Might be a good idea to put a few tech tips out regarding this, so that bystanders aren't confused.