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    Kingston 1866 memory stuck at 1600 on i7 NUC


      Hi guys!


      Just got the NUC i7 - loving it!


      I'm currently using the 1866 Kingston RAM suggested on the Ars Technica review of the i7 http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/03/mini-review-intels-powered-up-core-i7-broadwell-mini-pc/ (the HX318LS10IBK2/8)


      When I first booted this up a few days ago, it was showing as 1866 in the BIOS (at least as far as I can remember!)


      However, when looking again this morning, it has dropped down to 1600.


      I am running the latest BIOS (v0249)


      In the memory options there is either an automatic mode or a user defined option.

      Is the only way to get this back to running at 1866 to manually set the timings?


      If so, any advice on what these would need to be would be much appreciated! (I realise it is 10-10-10, but I am slightly unsure of what else needs to be changed)

      Please let me know if any more info is needed!