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    Intel GMA X4500 (TV-Out | VGA-Port)


      Is the Intel GMA X4500 capable to send out the TV-Out signal over the VGA-Port ?


      So will it be possible to use a simple adapter cable like this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882339047


      Many thanks - Alex.


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          the only video cards i've ever seen able to output clean tv signal (on a single rca connector) through the vga port are some old matrox millenium AGP cards (g400 and g500 series).

          Since then i've tried a lot of other various (newer) video cards and i haven't been able to get a tv image out of the vga port, but these usually have an S-Video port, so that's not an issue with them.


          If you really need a tv display from the vga port i suggest you get a vga to tv converter box, it's a bit more expensive (around $20...$25 on eBay, shipping included) but you don't have to worry about the laptop not being able to output a tv signal through the vga port.

          One word of advice though: avoid those converters that support only conversion from 640x480. Look for at least 800x600  and 1024x768 if possible..

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