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    How do I disable the GMA settings console?


      Hi folks,


      I'm currently working on a problem which is highly related to user-based errors and mistakes. In our school, we're currently running about 50 workstations which use an Intel graphics chipset and thus they're managed through the GMA console. On the one hand, I like this feater - it's quite easy to adjust resolutions or enable the cloning-mode for using both a display (through dvi) and a beamer (through vga) at the same time.


      Unfortunately, the GMA console is accessible for both administrators (like me) and users. The fact that everyone may alter settings leads to a hell of a work because people just mix up things by playing with the application. During the past two weeks, I had to go to 10 workstations and reset the graphics settings.


      So, does anybody out there know how to block users from changing the settings of the GMA console? Is there something like a gpo for doing that? On other systems, we have an N'Vidia chipset. This system allows my by changing some settings in both the control panel and the system settings to hide away the entire control panel from everyone but administrators.


      Thank you for your answers in advance!


      With kind regards