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    Better Heatsink/Fan for NUC


      Bought 5i5RYH couple of days ago, and I'm very happy with it overall.

      Haven't had any issue so far, runs fast enough, its not too noisy(but I don't play any games or run CPU/GPU intensive applications), have great BIOS and driver support imo.


      However its not perfect, the fan noise was definitely loud enough and noticeable(4600-4900rpm) during benchmark test, its fine for playing movies etc but when its quiet you can still hear the fan noise even if the CPU is idel(~45°C, ~3200rpm).


      Its real shame imho because Asus(VivoMini) and MSI(Cubi) are same size, use similar size heatsink/fan and also have same 15W TDP processors, but they run much quieter than Intel(NUC). Not 100% sure about Gigabyte(Brix) but I'm pretty sure it also runs quieter than NUC. (and I'm only comparing them against i5 NUC, not the super loud/hot i7 NUC)

      Obviously Asus, MSI, Gigabyte have expertise in developing quiet and efficient heatsink/fans from years of experience from notebook/graphics card cooling solutions, but I'm sure Intel could have used better heatsink/fans on NUC if they spent little bit more effort.


      Fact that small UK based company called QuietPC sell UltraNUC Pro(Intel NUC with their own better/quieter heatsink/fan) at rip-off price proves my point I think. (UltraNUC Pro but unfortunately they don't sell the heatsink/fan by itself) They also sell Abel B2 Fanless i5 NUC Chassis, but its much larger than standard NUC case and also expensive, $230+. (I'd buy it if it was same size and price was $100-$150)


      I definitely wouldn't mind spending $40-$70 for better/quieter heatsink/fan for i5 NUC, and I'm sure many other NUC owners(especially people with i7) would do the same thing.



      Dear Intel,


      Would it possible to sell us better heatsink/fan at additional cost? i.e.

      - find better heatsink/fan manufacturer to produce better quality heatsink/fan.

      - get current manufacturer to produce better heatsink/fan at higher cost.

      - contact 3rd party manufacturers(e.g. Noctua/Coolermaster etc) to develop and sell their own heatsink/fan for NUC.


      Silent/quiet operation noise is emphasized on Asus VivoMini(https://www.asus.com/Commercial_Desktops/VivoMini_UN42_commercial) and MSI Cubi(Desktop - The most versatile consumer pc) websites for obvious reason. I think Intel could attract more buyers if it was also listed on NUC website, and would be good for Intel's image/reputation.

      Why risk losing potential buyers to other company by using low quality heatsink/fan, when you have the best processors/graphics cards with the best driver support and after sales support, etc?


      I sincerely hope improved Intel heatsink/fans will be available for gen5 NUC in near future. But if not, please at least improve the cooling on gen6 NUC.


      Thank you very much.


      p.s. I was gonna buy i7 Cubi when I found out the heat/noise issue on i7 NUC but ended up buying i5 NUC cos I couldn't even get confirmation if 500GB mSATA SSD will work on Cubi etc from MSI forum.

      Anyway, I'm planning to buy another small barebone next week for second PC, probably i3/i5 NUC/Cubi, or maybe i7 Cubi if I decide to gamble on mSATA and Win7 support and use it for main system.

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          Mine is extremely loud, open up youtube, boom, the loudest fan you've ever heard.  Do you use chrome?  Every time i open up chrome (windows 8.1x64) the fan goes to full speed instantly....this thing is way to loud, cant believe they released it like this.  I wonder if winows 7 would be better...

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            Do you have i5 or i7?


            Unfortunately mine also ran very loud(fan speed went up to ~4945rpm) for a bit when I was just browsing on the net.

            I did have 6 different websites open at same time on Internet Explorer(don't use chrome) but that shouldn't stress out the CPU so I thought maybe someone was hacking into my PC or something.


            Anyway, CPU seem to heat up occasionally(so fans gets loud) even when I'm just browsing on the net so I'll probably just build quiet ITX system for my main PC instead of getting second NUC.

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              I have the i7.  I just can't believe that EVERYONE who has an i7 NUC complains of the fan sound, yet they release this garbage and wont give us a fix....Acutally, it just kicked into full speed and the tv is off, so nothing is playing (maybe recording from WMC) but give me a break.....this is a joke, what a waste of $500 bucks....gggrrrr

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                Yer heatsink/fan on i7 NUC is really bad, it's loud yet still can't maintain low CPU temp.. and constant high temp will eventually result in hardware failure and also shorten the lifespan of all hardware components, e.g. CPU, motherboard, SSD, HDD, memory. Intel provide 3 years warranty on NUC but I wouldn't be surprised if parts can't last that long.


                Luckily I read the i7 NUC review(on legitreviews.com) just after I placed the order, so I was able to cancel the order. Unfortunately I had to get i5 NUC instead of MSI Cubi since I already paid and ordered 1866MHz memory for NUC and couldn't get the confirmation that it'll also work on Cubi.


                Anyway, doesn't look like Intel will replace the heatsink/fan so personally I'd just sell it(and lose ~$100) and get replacement(MSI Cubi, ITX PC, etc) if I had i7 NUC.

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                  I have a NUC5i7RYH and had to warranty replace one already because the fan was so loud, with even simple tasks like web browsing.  I do not use this NUC for gaming or any intensive applications, so I was disappointed that it wanted to get so hot/loud so easily.  If the fan is the problem (cheaply made or insufficient for cooing) has anyone tried underclocking or undervolting the CPU?  In the the Windows 10 Power Setting I set the CPU to 80% max and so far haven't had any loud fan outbursts nor have I noticed any slowdowns during the day to day things I use the computer for.  I think this disabled turbo boost as well.  I am not yet brave enough to attempt undervolting but if underclocking doesn't solve the problem then I will get brave quickly.


                  Has anyone attempted undervolting?  It seems straight forward enough with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility...

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                    The Intel(R) NUC can be replaced if you are experiencing loud fan or you can request just the fan if you are confident to replace the fan by your own.


                    Contact Intel support here: Contact Support



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                      Thank you for weighing in.  I don't think replacing the fan with the same fan will fix the problem.  The NUC is telling it to spin at 6000 rpm and the fans are functioning fine, they are just amazingly loud at 6000 rpm.  The disappointing part of this is that simply watching a YouTube video spikes the heat and thus kicks the fans to full helicopter.


                      What is needed is a fan that is quality enough to be silent at 6000 rpm or a better heat sink setup that keeps temperatures in check.


                      So far my solution of underclocking the CPU (80%) in Windows 10 Power Settings and disabling turbo boost and hardware acceleration in Chrome and Firefox has been working, but I don't like that I have to restrict my CPU like that just to keep the thing quiet.