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    Boot from sd card and eMMc


      Hey everyone, i am new to the edison board and i just followed the AlexT's article about how to boot from the sd card. It worked. But how can i get back to the eMMc boot. Or is there anyway that can allow me to choose where to boot before booting?

      Here is the link of Alex's articleHow to boot Edison from an SD card (Linux).

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          Hi plwsdyt,


          Looking at the document you mention, what I can see is that AlexT is only changing the Root Filesystem location at boot, but the kernel and bootloader remain the same on the eMMC. The UUID is not being changed, so I assume that what you have to do is set the original line to the mmc-bootargs variable.


          root@edison:~# fw_setenv mmc-bootargs ‘setenv bootargs root=

          PARTUUID=${uuid_rootfs} rootfstype=ext4 ${bootargs_console} ${bootargs_debug} systemd.unit=${bootargs_target}.target hardware_id=${hardware_id} g_multi.iSerialNumber=${serial#} g_multi.dev_addr=${usb0addr}’


          The line above is the same that AlexT obtains when he enters “fw_printenv | grep mmc-bootargs=”.