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    Is scheduler.h compatible with the intel edison


      guys, Is scheduler.h compatible with the intel edison, if not suggest me an alternative to run several loops at the same time on the intel edison.(using arduino IDE).

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          Hi AmrNabil,


          I haven’t used scheduler.h, but I suggest you to check if there are any AVR dependencies or if are there any Macros of the Atmel architecture or even hardware specifics of Arduino. If you find any AVR dependencies or Macros, you would have to modify the library in order to make it work, the idea is to replace them with a process that would do the same task. Once you have no AVR Macros and you replaced all the dependencies for Edison try compiling the code with the IDE and start making some tests with it. With these tests you’d see if it behaves the same as on Arduino and you would know which changes are still needed. I hope this helps.