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    How to run a program at the time of booting in Intel Edison Mini Breakout Board ?


      Hello everyone,

      I'm using Linux to make applications using Intel Edison Mini Breakout Board.

      I had been trying to stream video over WiFi to the remote machine and I got successful output of it. I have already connected camera for streaming of video over WiFi. I'm getting console and I'm running command in console every time to stream video and it works perfectly.


      now my questions are:


      1) how do I run my video streaming command at the time of booting of Intel Edison Mini Breakout board  over the WiFi ?


      2) I just want to power on my Edison mini breakout board and don't want to run that streaming command every time.  So that when I power on my board, it should directly start streaming the video on my remote machine over the WiFi.   So what steps should I perform to do this ?


      please provide me necessary links, steps & code snippets for this as I'm still on the learning stage..!


      Thank you very much in advance..