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    Pentium M 1,6 GHz stuck at 600 MHz, how to fix ?


      Since some weeks I noticed that my computer was slow. I noticed that the frequency is stuck at 600 MHz even when CPU is 100% used (I use for example CPU Stress MT).


      After searching the web, found and tried a lot of tricks (ie. SpeedStep FAQ), I am surprise to not find any tips about this issue on support web sites of Microsoft and Intel.


      Configuration :
      Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M1425-72511 (CPU Dothan M725).
      OS : Windows XP SP 3 (home edition).

      Tried without success :
      - Software uninstalled: ProcessLasso v3.64 (Bitsum Technologies).
      - Tried the fan button (a "silence mode" that slow down the fan).
      - Booted with button WIFI off.
      - Disabled WIFI (from device manager) then booted.
      - Disabled Audio chip (from device manager) then booted.
      - Changed power management profiles.
      - Re installed chipset driver files (Intel 855PM OEM files. However files were never updated).
      - Msconfig: started as selective mode.
      - Msconfig: started as diagnostic mode.
      - Msconfig: started as normal mode.
      - Software Speed Switch v1.52
      - Software Right Mark CPU Clock Utility v2.35 (not sure to use it correctly however).


      Each time the issue was the same : stuck at 600 MHz (I use software PC Wizard v1.90 to display the speed and CPU Stress MT v1.04 to force CPU usage).


      Notes : I wonder if the issue has a link with the operations I did the the past months (SP3 installation, WIFI driver update, audio driver update).
      The BIOS (AMI) of my computer does display parameters about the CPU (or perhaps it's hidden).

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          i'm suprised that your cpu is blocking at 600MHz, it is the low frequency of speedstep :/

          if i well understood about EIST, it's managed by 2 parts:

          1- the bios: Don't you have a speedstep or EIST setting in your bios ?

          2- the OS, via power managing ... and soft ?

          For my part, under my Asus, i have Power4Gear which offer a list of profiles to manage the CPU, screen, ...

          The "lowest" profil, a "Battery Saving" let the CPU at the lowest, everytime.

          The "High performance" & "Super Performance" let the CPU at its max frequency/voltage

          "Game", "DVD Movie" (battery mode) and others scale frequence/power.

          I don't know if without this soft XP uses the speedstep and scale the frequency too.


          If you can't see the setting of SpeedStep in yout bios, CpuZ should tell you, and intel cpu identifer too.


          Personaly, i have a problem with SpeedStep, but under Seven, and i use CrystalCpuId (which can set Coeff / VID, and have a managing mode with 3 levels for scale mi/avg/max) on waiting for a proper driver (intel ? MS ? )

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            After 4 days of work (ie. testing a 2 years old backup (drive image of my C: drive)) I think I

            finally found the origin and fixed it.
            Will need some days of test to be sure.



            Message Update : Problem fixed ! Solution was to reload Bios default settings.

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              I have the same problem with amilo 1425 !! with pentium mobile centrino 1,6 MHz!! it's stuck at 600 MHz! please help!!!

              p.s. my battery pack is dead and I put it out of laptop! can battery be a problem?