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    problem with login putty




      I have a problem with my galileo board gen2, can't login because need a password although I did before several times but i don't what I did or what make this happen

      the main problem is I can't type even anything unless "Enter" !!!!

      To know my connecting using ethernet cable as it's worked before probably as I mentioned previous

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          Hello AhmedKhassawneh,


          Are you sure that's your Galileo's IP? If your Galileo's IP is assigned through DHCP, it might have changed. You can find out your Galileo's IP easily with a simple Arduino sketch. Under loop add the next couple of lines:


          system("ifconfig > /dev/ttyGS0");


          You should now be able to see your Galileo's IP on the Arduino IDE serial console every 1.5 seconds.

          Also, are you using an SD-Card image? If this isn't the case, then SSH will not work since it is not included on the SPI image



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            Hi AhmedKhassawneh,


            Do you still have problems while login in Putty? Did you try with Peter's suggestions?