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    Nuc i7 ir reciver with xbox remote control.


      I have the new Nuc i7 with windows 8.1 pro 64bit intall i set the bios ir option to xbox remote control but i can't

      get the xbox360/one to work not in windows and not in kodi..? someone have the answer...?

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          I am not from Intel and am not familiar with kodi but otherwise If I understand you correctly, I think you are describing a situation within Windows not specifically for the NUC.  I have not done it for Windows 8.1 but there are various write-ups which can be found for earlier versions of Windows (such as 7) which involve a small change to the registry and then re-starting so that the change is detected.  You have to be careful with registry changes so if you are not familiar then maybe get someone else to try it.  The change is something like CodeSetNum0 from 1 (non-xBox) to 0 (universal) or 8 (xBox only), and you should be able to find articles by searching for something like "wmc xbox remote registry" (without the quotation marks).