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    Intel® IoT Developer Kit v1.5


      We are very proud to announce the release of Intel® IoT Developer Kit v1.5. The software components are available now for immediate download on the Software Downloads page (as of July 1, 2015).

      The new release offers a number of enhancements, bug fixes and improved usability including:

      1. Updated to Yocto 1.7.2 on the Intel Edison, Intel Galileo, and support for the MinnowBoard Max
      2. OS X* installer for the Intel Edison and offline support for Windows* installer
      3. New project templates and automatic middleware library updates on Eclipse IDE & Intel XDK IoT Edition
      4. Sensor library (UPM) integration and connection manager for Eclipse IDE
      5. I/O Library (MRAA) updates with full UART support/JavaScript documentation/new APIs
      6. Support for 100+ sensors via UPM with updated Javascript documentation

      (1) New Intel Edison images + Open Source

      • Upgraded Yocto to 1.7.2 and new feature to read onboard battery level
      • Open sourced Intel Edison u-boot on Github*. For detailed information, please visit here
      • Open sourced Intel Edison kernel on Github*. For detailed information, please visit here
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          Thanks!  This is great news, and I'm excited to hear more about the "new feature to read onboard battery level."


          I'm hoping this may pertain to this thread: Power or voltage meter using onboard PMIC

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            Nice, would love to try it! However, the installer on OS X seems to crash for me. I’m on 10.11 beta (15A215h). Double-clicking iot_dev_kit_2015.0.007 opens the app after which it closes immediately. I also tried using the command line:


            $ ./iot_dev_kit_2015.0.007.app/Contents/MacOS/install_gui

            install_gui(56721,0x7fff712fa000) malloc: *** error for object 0x101716068: incorrect checksum for freed object - object was probably modified after being freed.

            *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug

            Abort trap: 6


            $ ./iot_dev_kit_2015.0.007.app/Contents/MacOS/install.sh

            ./iot_dev_kit_2015.0.007.app/Contents/MacOS/install.sh: line 616: 56798 Segmentation fault: 11  "$pset_engine_binary" --TEMP_FOLDER="$temp_folder" $params $root_nonroot 2> /dev/null


            Is this something I can work around?

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              That software downloads page isn't very informative.  I'm just looking for a link to install your Eclipse plugin(s), not for a download of Eclipse itself, and that information seems to be well-hidden.

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                Sounds great, a couple of questions?


                With the new github projects, in particular the kernel sources, are there instructions on the preferred way to use these to build a configuration that is close to what is released?  make defconfig ...?


                Is there a released image and/or built kernel that is up to date with these changes?  In particular I noticed some updates to SpI that would hopefully speed things up.  Things like DMA...


                Thanks again


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                  I think this got released under the same "Rel 2.1" umbrella and is available as the image with "ww25" in the same on the usual downloads page: IoT - Intel® Edison Board Download | Intel® Developer Zone


                  And as far as building the "official" image is concerned - if you follow the BSP build guide, which culminates in "bitbake edison-image", you get the officially released image. What's additionally nice is that there was a small bug, which resulted in kernel name suffix being slightly different between binary images pre-built and released officially and those you could build yourself using BSP sources. Starting from this one, this should be fixed - and that would mean that e.g. kernel modules from my repo will no longer need a full kernel reinstall, if they are small enough - in the past even though they were identical binaries, due to name suffix differences opkg treated them as different and reinstalled a lot of stuff unnecessarily at times.

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                    Thanks Alex,


                    But as far as I can tell, the images up there are from June and the release notes are from May. Looking at the Github kernel sources, these new changes were committed July 15th.  Now I know that they may delay there updates to the new github drop, which looks a lot easier to read then the old BSP guide, where things are much harder to find.  Maybe I should just update my machines and see what I get.


                    Thanks again

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                      Yeah, IMHO this release went a bit too low-profile and it deserved maybe a bit more clarification.


                      I'm building the ww25 image right now for the purpose of rebasing my repo - I can check specific things for you if you want, just tell me what you're interested in.

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                        Sounds great.  I was curious if the new SPI DMA stuff made it and if there are any instructions on how to use it.



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                          Hmm, looks like the only thing which is different in the kernel compared to ww18 is the battery level reading functionality, same as this patch: power: read battery level · 01org/edison-linux@351ebc1 · GitHub. I've just made a diff for upstream_to_edison.patch in the kernel recipe. Looks like this release does not yet use the GitHub repo for pulling sources - I see in the recipe that is still pulls the vanilla sources from Yocto git and then applies that big patch.


                          So the DMA stuff is not yet there, though it should be fairly easy to incorporate those patches into the kernel build ahead of the official release now that the patches themselves are available on GitHub. As far as I can see from the changes you don't really need to do anything special to use it, driver will use DMA on its own for transfers.

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                            Thanks Alex,


                            Will take a look. Trying to decide how much to do yet, am currently migrated mostly to Odroid XU3-lite and RPI2...  But I still want to get my Edison stuff up and running as it is a neat little processor.


                            The other recent patch I was interested in was one that looks like it better supports the Playstation 3 (DS3) controller.  I am currently using these as well as the DS4, to control the different robots. so if these are better supported, that would be great.


                            Intel - Your download tool (which is still running), properly detected that I had the drivers installed as well as the Phone flash Tool Lite, which is great. 


                            But what I am wondering is in the installation of SDKs.  That is it is now downloading a full complete Arduino installation (1.6.4), even though I already have 1.6.5 installed on my system.  And if I go to the Arduino Tools/Board Manager, it shows I have support for Edison ( 1.6.2+1.0) as well as Galileo (1.6.2+1.0).  Would be nice if the installer could check this and if appropriate, only update the Edison branch of the Arduino...  Also if  1.6.2+1.0 is not the latest version would be great if you updated the stuff for the board manager, such that when I click on info, it gives me an update function, like it does for some of the other boards.


                            Eclipse - I did not change the default that it showed (sort of filled with gray), When I tried yesterday, if I tried changing it, it only then gave me options to either upddate or remove and I no longer had choice to do nothing here.   Again if I choose here to update, I believe it tries to download everything instead of simply updating what was changed.  Now maybe you changed everything since may?


                            thanks again




                            P.S - The download of windows Arduino 1.6.... Is taking a very very long time?