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    I can't install Intel HD 4000 drivers?


      After an update about a month ago, I found I couldn't change the brightness on of my laptop screen. It was stuck on the brightest setting, regardless of changing the setting from the "power plan" settings or the general PC settings. The bar moves up and down but the screen doesn't change. I discovered others with this problem, and it said to update drivers. When I tried to do that, the screen ended up going black. I had to revert to Microsoft Basic Display Adapter just to use my laptop again. I still can't change the brightness.

      Now when I'm trying to play any sort of game on my computer, it won't work because of an "unrecognized graphics card".

      I downloaded the drivers for the Intel HD 4000 graphics card and tried to install them, but partway through it said that it couldn't complete all the processes, and so therefore I can't fully update the drivers and cannot use my games.

      I don't know what to do. I feel like I've tried everything...