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    NUC5i5RYH LAN driver issue Win7 with 0249 BIOS


      Just bought NUC5i5RYH(BIOS 0246) and installed Windows 7 64bit and everything ran fine.


      But LAN stopped working after I flashed to the latest BIOS(0249), for some weird reason LAN driver is not installed according to device manager after the BIOS flash so I reinstalled the LAN driver couple of times but still have same problem. Also checked in the BIOS and made sure LAN device is enabled.


      Anyone have LAN driver issue with 0249 BIOS on Windows 7 or know what might be causing the problem? Thanks.


      I'm just gonna reinstall Windows 7 for now(hopefully that will fix the problem) but any help would be appreciated.



      nvm, problem fixed. just had to open Network and Sharing Centre and click between Network and Internet Icon, diagnosis problem and fixed.