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    bluetooth device functioning poorly




      I'm having troubles using bluetooth on Intel NUC5i3RYH. I have installed Windows 8.1 on it + latest updates, latest drivers and I updated BIOS to latest version.

      I use it with our custom gyroscope sensors. Sensors send data via bluetooth. When I use sensors with my latop, range is at least 50m. I can even go with them in another room and they work (I receive data). Even if I put them behing my back, they still transmit data and there is no data loss. Sensors use less than 10kB of bandwith (80 kb). But when I tried to use them with my NUC, range is very low, less then 5m, and even the smallest obstructions are probem. If I put them in my closed fist, one meter from device I immediately stop receiving data. And I lose data if I put them behind my back, even at very close range (1m).


      Ok, so I thought, maybe the internal device antenna is small and weak, I will buy external USB dongle and use it. So I bought external USB dongle, class 1 bluetooth, not some cheap one. Firstly I tested it on my laptop, range was pretty much the same as with laptop's internal bluetooth device. But when I plugged it into NUC, range was much lower (the same like with the NUC's internal device), and even the smallest obstructions were problem for data transfer.


      How is this possible? Why all these bluetooth devices function so poorly on it?


      Thank you for your help.