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    "Network error: Connection timed out" -ubilinux image




      I need to use the apt-get commands on my board and heard that the custom ubilinux image@EmutexLabs could help me with that.

      Their own forum is abit slow so im trying here instead...


      As said I'm trying to get the ubilinux-image installed on my Intel Galileo gen2 board.

      I'm managing things from my Win 7 OS and have the board connected by ethernet and micro-USB.

      I've previously established connection to the terminal (using other images) by connecting with Putty...but now im quiet stuck...


      If i try to connect to the Galileo now with Putty I get a "Network error: Connection timed out"


      My OS seems to not be able to find the correct drivers for the USB-connection either, if i go to the device manager i only see a "Gadget Serial v2.4" under unknown devices, and i cant find any file helping me doing the


      >>>Update Driver software


      Would be so glad if someone could help me with the last step!


      Thank you so much!