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    Sketch not persistent in SD card image for Galileo


      I am using Galileo and Arduino as development environment. Now I want to boot Galileo through SD card image, to do so I have downloaded iot-devkit image from intel website.

      As per procedure I have taken SD card (FAT 32) windisk imager to to make SD card bootable on Galileo.

      After booting Galileo through SD card image I have updated serial driver for iot-devkit serial driver.

      I have uploaded led blink sketch led starts blinking but after reboot led is not blinking.


      I have checked Linux version of default image is 201406161633, and with SD card image is 201502260041.

      I have also updated firmware of Galileo.

      As per tutorials after booting Galileo with SD card image sketch remains persistence.


      Do anybody have idea where I am getting wrong.