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    Intel HD Graphics issue.




      - a few days ago Windows Update noticed me about an update for my Intel HD Graphics (3000) driver but upon installing it it gave me error

      - later on, I bought an nVidia GTX 960 but it wouldn't be recognized until I had completely removed Intel drivers through safe mode using DDU

      - sadly, when I was going to reinstall the HD 3000 (2500k) drivers the Intel Driver Utility didn't find any driver anymore

      - manually installing them would freeze and now the HD device is being listed as Microsoft Display Adapter

      - managed to install the Intel drivers by "combo-switching" between HDMI and DVI - yeah, it's crazy - but..

      - nvidia vga wouldn't be recognized - yup, I bios selected it so had to safe mode re-reuninstall Intel's again.


      that's the first time ever i see something like this as iGPUs were always recognized by the OSs. it seems like i can't have the 2 drivers working together anymore and installing either isn't as straightforward as before. so, i think that, maybe, some update from Windows update screw something up.



      Any ideas? Thanks.

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          When you install a video card, the integrated graphics controller on your processor gets disabled electronically, unless your computer provides functions for switchable graphics. You need to check with the board maker for any BIOS or software settings that allows switchable graphics.


          Make sure you are installing the latest video drivers here:

          Intel® Download Center

          Select your operating system version and download the latest driver.


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            Yeah, my MB is capable of that but it seemed like some drivers compatibility issue. I cleaned everything up, now is working, almost flawlessly. Last day, after auto restarting Windows to complete an update process, it switched to a basic vga + monitor. i had to cmos the bios and later restore the settings.