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      I singed up with intel communities for serieus interest in intel hardware and technology, but all I am getting is spam from fake community members.

      I think that more people suffer from this and I think intel should play a role in preventing this from happening.

      So I suggest to either monitor this message non-sense or remove my account if Intel does not has that option available to them.

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          This is the first instance we have heard of SPAM being sent to a private email through the community tool. We are investigating this as it violates the terms and conditions of the community. If anyone else has experienced this, please identify the offending username to the community admin.


          Thank You,

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            I can concur with this issue. I just got a spam private message from a user "sallie".

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              same problem for me


              Good day,
              Please respond through my email address: Salliamambo@yahoo.com
              I was moved to contact you when i saw your profile.
              My name is Sallian Mambo  , I am from Liberia. I know you maybe surprised about why i contact you, Please bear with me.
              I have special reasons of contacting you which i will tell you once you contact me through my email address (Salliamambo@yahoo.com) because i may not be able to login this site again since i am new to internet.
              I will tell you more about myself and send my pictures to you since our profile cannot say everything about us.
              Thanks as i hope to read from you soon.
              Yours faithfully,


              user: http://communities.intel.com/people/sallie

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                i just had the same message from 'Sallie'. Its not right. We come here to talk about technical issues, instead we get solicited to contact some Liberian who wants us to contact them. Its not as if we signed up to an email system, so we can not even say we have had our email addresses phished. This is simply an issue that Intel needs to stop.