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    Intel Core 2 Duo Overclock Not Working


      So I Think I Have A Problem With My Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz E6300.

      Let's Make It Easy:

      I Want To OverClock My CPU In the Bios. My Bios is AM v2.58.

      The Problem is that i think i did the overclock but it seems to not work.

      On CPU-Z it still says its at 1.86Ghz but on startup it doesnt. even Windows says 1.86Ghz.

      Can anyone explain to me why the overclock dont work or where i made a mistake.


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          Can Anybody help me or ask any kind of support plz

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            I don't think Intel provide support for overclocking on the forums? There are dedicated overclocking forums out there. I haven't touch overclocking myself as I never had a computer that could overclock until recently but I am leaving everything at stock at the moment maybe in 10 years or so I might play around with it. I upgraded from a Pentium 4 2.8Ghz to an i7 4.0Ghz... shows how long I keep my computers for.


            Anyways to get back on topic. I assumed you did read up on overclocking first? http://hexus.net/tech/tech-explained/cpu/9808-intel-core-2-duo-basic-overclocking-guide-beginners/


            Now as far as I know, Windows task manager and system info will always give the default stock speed of the processor. If you look at CPU-Z what does it say when you put a load on it? Can you post a CPU-Z screenshot with the processor under some sort of load. Just curious if your computer supports Core2Duo does it support Core2Quad? at least the early versions of Core2Quad? What is your motherboard? You can find used processors cheap on Ebay if you need an upgrade. I got a Pentium 4 3.2Ghz for my brothers computer for $10.00 a few years ago.


            If an overclocking fails you should have crashed and be rebooted back to startup? At least that is how I read it, although some say if you get a no boot got to reset bios..

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              Thanks For Your Reply even if You havn't that much experience with OC.

              Of course i checked these websites but nothing seemed to help, (beside the fact that you always have that feeling like: oh gosh my pc just exploded )

              I used Prime95, kinda stress tester, so in the first cpu-z img you can see that everything is normal. and that i dont use that much of my cpu.

              (The first half part is when i was using chrome and swithing tasks dont mind that)

              cpu-z full.png

              And the second img when i was running the torture xD the stress tester with full cpu usage, at the end 0 errors, and 0 warnings.


              And yes, I`m dutch so as installed windows...

              now whats strange is that if you look at cpu-z it still tells me that the core multiplier is x0.6, but in the bios i setted it at x7.0


              I also included my motherboard specs down here V [Latest Bios Version (v2.58)]

              Cpu-z Nrml 1.png

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                Ok, those pictures are useful. You are running an overclock. Currently it looks like you are running at 2.2 Ghz. Bus Speed x Multiplier (366 Mhz x 6) = 2,196 Mhz or ~2.2Ghz


                The multiplier is due to your first post 3rd picture: Ratio Status unlocked (Max: 7.0 Min:6.0) That is where it is getting the 6 multiplier from. I assume if you run something single core it will reach the 7 multiplier? See if it ever hits 7.0 doing stuff like watching video or surfing the web.


                According to CPU-Z your motherboard is Asus P5B-SE: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5B_SE/HelpDesk_CPU/It shows you what CPU are supported. Looks like you have the latest Bios already version 1103 which is a "beta version", it has been in beta since 2009....


                It also means you have a more modern LGA775 Motherboard. The motherboard I had was a rev 1 LGA775 which only supported single core CPU.. thus I was stuck with only Pentium 4, or Celeron...


                Do you have sufficient cooling for overclock? Do you have thermal paste if you upgrade your CPU Your Core2Duo E6300 has a 65w tdp a Core2Quad has a 105w tdp.  What are you looking for? More clock speed for some games, or multi core for more multi tasking?


                I am looking at the Core2Quad Q6660: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=Core+2+Quad+Q9500&LH_BIN=1&_osacat=164&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.XCore+2+Quad+Q6600.TRS0&_nkw=Core+2+Quad+Q6600&_sacat=164  2.4Ghz ~$25 USD  if you look at other Core 2 Quad CPU on ebay it is expensive and not worth it.


                If you want to keep the same tdp 65w like your current CPU and don't have anything that uses multi-core but rather cpu speed like some older games. Core 2 Duo E7500 in Computer CPUs and Processors | eBay  2.93 Ghz ~$10 bucks and free shipping..... all you need to buy is thermal paste and use your same CPU cooler... The Core2 Duo E7500 3.06Ghz cost as much as the Core2Quad listed above...


                The CPU I listed above all use the same bus speed 1066Mhz, I did not list the 1333 Mhz because I don't trust "beta" versions of stuff. Those above at least guarantee to work without problems.


                Now you know why I rather buy a used working CPU because at that age most of them are dirt cheap, the only ones that are expensive are the ones that are the top of the line. So $25 for E7600 vs $10 for E7500 you save $15 for an increase of only 13 Mhz...


                If you still want to overclock you can try increasing stuff if you know what you are doing, for your first post 3rd picture is that all the options or can you scroll down for more stuff?

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                  I know, yeack my motherboard is pretty old, but it has 4 ram slots, that why my dad bought it for me

                  Maybe if i set to single core then i can get core multiplier by x7.0 who knows

                  definitly more clock speed for gaming, its not the best gaming pc i know but games like crysis 2, minecraft and quantum conundrum runs perfectly.

                  on the 3rd picture there arent any other options if i scroll down.

                  what do you think, should i buy a better Cpu that fits in or wait some years when i get a job so i can build my own pc with fancy stuff?

                  if i get a new cpu what do you recommend, core 2 duo e7500 maybe?. im gonna restart my pc and see what happens with the core multip.

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                    Well i didnt expect to see that, but now it seems to jump to x7.0 core multip. when it needs it, and all the vlues are higher, i dont really know how and why but as i said now sometimes it just goes to x7.0 ( even my windows index prestations went up to 4.2, from 3.9)

                    cpu-z final.png

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                      I think that if you want to learn to build your own PC one day then go ahead and buy a updated CPU that works with your motherboard to give it some extra life. It is a good learning experience. Also a less headache in terms of adjusting stuff for overclock since everything is faster by default However I would advise you from spending more than $30 on the processor and not to spend any more then you need to, for upgrading. Remember you will need new thermal paste and if you have isopropyl alcohol or alcohol wipes you need to clean the heatsink and the top of the CPU as you will see grayish material underneath when you take off the heatsink which is thermal paste. The purpose of thermal paste is the surface materials are not perfect flat. Imperfections unseen by the human eye is filled by thermal paste to make better contact. You have 2 GB of memory, look for stuff on craigslist or where people sell old computer parts and see if you can get an additional 1 gb DDR2 cheap as a upgrade only if cheap.



                      I see from your recent CPU-Z screenshot you raised the Bus speed again to 374 - 375 Mhz for more speed instead of 366Mhz? If you are adventurous and have a few dollars just go for the upgrade and be happy until you get a job to build a more modern computer. Dual cores are fine for now since things are now just taking advantage of dual core stuff and quad core will become standard by the time you are ready to buy from the ground up.



                      I noticed your FSB is at 1485 Mhz, the Core2Duo you are using is rated at 1066Mhz so I wonder if you can run a 1333Mhz FSB CPU with no problems? Did you overclock the FSB(front side bus) speed? If you can run at 1480 Mhz  then a CPU running at 1333Mhz FSB should not be a problem. In that case you can get 3.16Ghz E8500 http://www.ebay.com/sch/CPUs-Processors-/164/i.html?_dcat=164&Socket%2520Type=LGA%2520775%252FSocket%2520T&_from=R40&_nkw=Core%202%20Duo%20E8500&rt=nc&LH_BIN=1&_trksid=p2045573.m1684



                      If you do plan to build your own in the future, here is some advice.


                      1. Do not fall for the spending trap. Buying top of the line everything means less return on investment because everything will get outdated and new faster stuff will come out every 3 years or so. Get a good budget and build around it, it is ok to get 1 part top of the line. The midrange stuff you buy at the time would have been the high end stuff only a few years ago.


                      Example for myself: i7-4790k + Nvidia GTX 660 = $470 alone, I put the rest of the parts together and came out to be about $800 the tower with hard drive, memory, power supply. excluding monitor, keyboards, mice, speakers, etc.. Once you start building you find that you start overspending. Decide what is most important then worry about other stuff for future upgrades.


                      2. Do not cheap out on the power supply and do not oversize your power supply. Computers today can run everything with a single dedicated video card with a 450 - 600 w power supply. A good minimum power supply is at least 80+ bronze certified. You can tell the actual rating of a power supply by looking at the 12v number rail 12 v x amps = actual power supply wattage.


                      3. Motherboards do not need to be future proof, get a good quality one with a dedicated video card and decide if you need a slot for a wireless card or anything else. I spent more on the motherboard then what was needed and right now only 1 slot is used for the video card. The rest of the PCI slots are empty..... I have 2 more PCI x 16 slots and 2 PCI slots + 2 PCI x1 slots sitting empty...


                      4. Try to get your parts within 1 year of what you start getting parts, don't have to get them all at once if a sale happens. Just make sure you don't spend 2 or 3 years getting parts. Try to do everything within 365 days.

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                        I think that for now ill leave the bios settings on default and not oc anymore. Later on when i have enough mone i`ll make a good pc on my own. Thanks a lot for your help.