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    "Hidden Display" output.


      Im on a Vaio SVE14A27CDS, while checking if possible to add two external monitors to the laptop one (3 screens in all, which apparently cant be done since builtin is LVDS). I unplugged the extra VGA monitor, uninstalled the VGA monitor that i was seeing still listed in the Device manager and kept going with the builtin plus HDMI.


      Since i was on the "display" tabs of the "control panel" i clicked on the detect button and it detected a 3rd "additional display output on intel hd4000" with "no display detected".

      At this point i  plugged back in the third monitor and no surprise it wasnt working, hit "detect" again and now i see every monitor plugged in plus a 4th additional display... the only ports i have for extra monitors are HDMI and VGA, which exclude eachother and do not get counted as two outputs since once unplugged and uninstalled the VGA monitor that one isnt detected anymore. all the monitor are identified properly too so this extra output isnt one of them. Which other output is detected then? is it viable in any way?

      Ps: There's no other graphics card, just the HD 4000, driver is the latest updated from Sony not the latest generic from Intel (from which i derived no benefits so rolled back to the Sony one)