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    Windows 7 - System freeze-up while upgrading GM45 driver with projector plugged in

      Hey guys. I was doing a driver upgrade on my Dell Inpsiron 15 laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate RTM x64.


      From version to


      My primary display was set to 1366x768. but I was currently using the Projector Only setting in Win 7, and hooked up to an external projector via VGA-out at 1280x800.


      The driver install process halted after the point where the previous driver is unloaded (black screen with blinking caret), and the new one loaded in (screen is supposed to reappear as normal). Screen did not appear, the system actually locked up.


      The last lines in the Intel installer log are:


      !       Warning 0xE0000235: DriverPackageGetPath failed.
              Difx = 64 bit
              Execute command: C:\Users\Dave\AppData\Local\Temp\pftBFEB~tmp\x64\Difx64.exe -DriverInf "C:\Users\Dave\AppData\Local\Temp\pftBFEB~tmp\Graphics\igdlh64.inf" -Flags 20 -KeyPath "Software\Intel\Difx64"


      I presume this is where it failed. The system was unresponsive and needed a hard reboot. After reboot, the 1892 driver is the one being used by windows.


      Not sure if these posts are read by your QA department, but as a QA guy myself I thought I'd post it here anyways. =)