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    HD6000 3D Blu ray performance issue


      Using PowerDVD 15 I am seeing inconsistent playback of 3D blu ray. When I start a 3D movie (TV is a Vizio M801D-A3; 1080p/24Hz; frame-packing), the image may distort frequently and cause an image that appears to almost look like its viewed underwater. Depth of the image is also incorrect for seemingly random parts of the image. If I then pause the movie for a few seconds, or back up to the beginning of the chapter, the issue so far resolves itself, but sometimes it takes a few tries to do so.


      This seems like a driver bug. I did not have this issue using PowerDVD 15 with Nvidia graphics on my previous build. Attached is my Intel system profile and dxdiag report if that helps. I'd appreciate any assistance.



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          Please make sure you have the latest PowerDVD15 firmware. If the issue persist you can install the latest graphics drivers and please let me know how this worked https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24964/Intel-Iris-Iris-Pro-and-HD-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-7-8-8-1-64-bit


          If the issue persist please install an older driver and let me know how it goes.



          If by any chance you are still having problems with the graphics controller, please provide me with the system information report. How to get it?



          System Information: Click Start> Type System Information> Click File> Export> Save File>Attach using Advanced Editor Options.



          I appreciate the information you can provide me with.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. I am running the updated release of PowerDVD 15, as well as the 4222 Intel Graphics Driver release. I also downloaded the earlier driver as you suggested, but the result was a black screen for 3D blu ray, so that was a bit of a step backwards.

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              Here is my system info file as requested.

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                Maybe try using VLC player(free) to play movies, only just got i5 NUC but movies seem to play fine on VLC player with 4222 drivers on Win7.

                Never had any movie issues with VLC player + HD4600(i5 4670K) on my previous setup.

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                  Thx for the reply. VLC is a good program, but it cannot play frame-packed 3D Blu ray iso files AFAIK.

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                    I installed PowerDVD14 to see if it may be software related, but the same visual issues occur as they do with PowerDVD15. Possibly another hint at a driver issue with Intel graphics?

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                      * Can you attach a Screenshot of the issue. Is this a flickering issue?

                      * Please provide the Configuration of the display connection.

                      * Is there a way to trigger the issue or determine when is going to happen? How long do you wait for the issue to occur?

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                        I wish I could provide a picture of this in-action but its a 3D perception issue. If you know what a frame-packed 3D image looks like without glasses, you will see what appears to be a double image on the screen... very cleanly defined images horizontally offset. What I am seeing is instead of these clean offset images, the images will be fluid--like one is lagging behind the other in a drunken state. This slow response is creating a distorted image that makes the 3D video with glasses look like its at times underwater.


                        Configuration is mini HDMI-out from my NUC5I5RYK to HDMI-in of a Vizio M801D-A3 passive 3D LED display. Prior to the NUC I used the same cables and configuration with an NVidia GTX460 with NVidia 3D Play drivers for the 3D hardware rendering. The setup with the GTX460 never caused any issues with 3D playback.


                        I have not yet found a way to either manually trigger the problem, nor have I found a way to manually correct it. Some 3D blu ray movies I've tried and been able to sometimes recover by randomly jumping chapters are Tron: Legacy, Avengers and Prometheus. Other 3D blu rays I've tested and cannot seem to make watchable are The Hobbit, Guardians of the Galaxy and Gravity. The issue seems to happen within the first 30 seconds. If it doesn't occur by then, so far it hasn't returned... unless I exit and restart the movie, and then all bets are off again.


                        Its very frustrating knowing that this hardware is capable of playing my media but something is preventing this that is just out of reach for me.

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                          Not going to let my thread get buried. In another forum I was able to speak with another NUC owner who is having this same 3D issue and says he's notified Intel of the issue as an ongoing trouble ticket. Intel, what more info can I provide to help work toward a solution?

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                            Hi all,


                            I am the the other NUC owner mentioned.  Sclaws does a much better job describing the issue.  I've got 3d to work a couple of times too, which makes this situation all the more frustrating. 


                            I noticed PowerDVD was being discussed, as it was in my forum post.  It doesn't matter if there are other alternatives... this has nothing to do with PowerDVD.  I've tried 13, 14, and 15 with the same results, just as an FYI.  Also, since I've tested in on the i3 version of this NUC, which uses HD5500 graphics, it's not just limited to the HD6000.  I feel this must be some sort of driver issue.  The very fact some of the drivers work horribly, seems to lend credence to this.  Please please please fix this!

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                              Hello sclaws,


                              I have reported the 3d playback issues to the engineers and we are waiting for their feedback. We will let you know our findings once we get their test results.

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                                Thank you. I look forward to your response. If I can provide any actual test media or more information, please let me know.

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                                  I tried the new 4243 drivers. No change in the 3D playback issues.

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                                    Has any testing occurred yet?

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