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    Windows 10 HD 4200 OpenGL extremely slow with many textures after update


      Short version: After upgrading to Windows 10, a graphics driver update seems to break OpenGL textures, but graphics are unstable without the update, and I can't update to the recommended version.


      Long version:

      I have recently upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 with a clean install, so I had to reinstall all of my drivers. With the old 2013 graphics driver ( that came with my computer, I only had a few problems with stability, specifically with firefox, but Windows automatically upgraded my graphics driver ( Since the update, although stability has been much improved, whenever I try to run a Minecraft modpack, my computer slows down eventually to 1 frame every 5-10 seconds with a small window after it starts "Uploading GL textures" and progressively gets worse the longer it "uploads." I finally decided to revert back to the original driver version, and everything worked much smoother although less stable again, until another update. I tried using the Intel Update Utility, and it recommended I update to version, but when I try installing the new driver, it always gives me an error message saying "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software." I have tried editing the 'mup.xml' file to add Windows 10 to the list of supported operating systems for the installer, or remove the 'suppportedOperatingSystems' tag entirely, but I still get the same message. When I was still running Windows 8.1, I used the Intel Update Utility to update my graphics driver and it worked just fine, so I can only think that I have too new of an operating system, even though it should be backwards compatible.


      My computer is the Lenovo Yoga 11s with 4GB RAM, 128GB SDD, and an Intel i5-4210Y Haswell processor running Windows 10 build 10130



      Is my system really too old, or is there a way to bypass the minimum requirements?

      Otherwise, might there be a way to make a hack for this OpenGL Textures bug?

      When might the official Windows 10 graphics drivers be available for download?