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    intel core i7 4930k locked multiplier


      hi everyone

      i have recently noticed a drop in performance of my PC and when i checked cpu-z it says my core speed is 1200 MHz. it stays at this speed whether the system is at idle or under full load when running prime95 or intel XTU stress test. the multiplier range is 12 - 39 but it does not change under load. I have tried to disable EIST and turbo boost but that has made no difference, I've played around with the multiplier and vcore in the bios but the multiplier just remains stuck at x12.0 in windows. temperatures are relatively low  ( 25 - 29 Celsius) but  intel XTU says 100% cpu throttling. I am clueless as to what is going on here    


      system specifications


      intel core i7 4930k

      Asus ROG rampage iv black edition

      Corsair dominator platinum 32 GB 2400 MHz

      Corsair H100i watercooling

      Cooler master silent pro M2 1500w

      kingston 240 GB ssd now

      WD black 1 TB


      any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance