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    High idle temperatures at stock speeds with 5930k


      So I've just upgraded to the X99 platform.  I started out using the stock intel cooler approved for the 2011v3 socket - and my 5930k was idling around 55c.  Seemed a little high, so I swapped out the stock cooler for a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO cooler, which brought the idle temp down to around 47c - not much of an improvement.  So I finally then switched out the air based cooler for a Corsair H60 water cooling unit, and this got the temps down to around 43c.


      Case airflow is efficient and correct, all fans are at 100%.


      The ambient temperature in the room is around 70f - none of my other components are idling at this high of a temperature (GPU is around 20c idle, Motherboard is around 20c idle, RAM is sitting around the same).


      My question is - is this too high of an idle temp for the 5930k at stock - and if so, should I RMA this chip or is there anything else I can try?


      Thank you.