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    Intel Services - More Info






      I would be very grateful if someone can explain to me what does this 2 services doing on my pc, are they so important, can I delete them ect.







      Every time after booting pc, these 2 services are up for a like 3-5 minutes, doing something (processor - Intel i7-3770k - 3.50 GHz).


      VAC - Valve Anti Cheat system.


      More precisely I have problems with VAC Error in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and I'm pretty sure that these 2 services are responsible for blocking VAC on my pc.


      So it's like this: after booting pc, these 2 services are immediately up, doing something 3-5 minutes, and when I try to join to ANY kind of server in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive I instantly got hit with that VAC Error, and disconnected with some random Valve help tips, that not helping at all.

      After 3-5 minutes doing something random, that 2 services simply disappear, and i'm instantly able to play - join any server.


      Also, this VAC Error hitting me every 24 hours, so every 24 hours I need to refresh Steam files and restart pc if I want to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

      I'm not sure yet, is Malwarebytes offensive security also responsible for this VAC Error, but these 2 Intel Services are, definitely.