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    Is the X99 platform dead already?




      I have herd about the rumors that Intel has abandoned Broadwell, including Broadwell-E for the X99 platform for Skylake and a Skylake-E release earlier than expected


      Normally every platform Intel release usually get at least another processor refresh before the platform is officially dead. The X99 platform was expecting a Broadwell-E refresh.


      Is there going to be another processor refresh for this platform or has this platform been abandoned by Intel in favour of Skylake and the current Haswell-E processors that

      came out along with this platform is likely all this platform is getting?


      I sure hope this platform does have another processor refresh planted because if it doesn't then it is going to make a lot of us users of this platform very unhappy about upgrading

      to this platform only for it to have a very short life span and no further processor refresh.


      Thanks in advance for the feedback.