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    Trying to get s3210shlc Intel RAID running under W2003R2 (SP2) latest drivers


      Could not get W2003R2 OS installed using F6 with Intel supplied drivers for MB using Intel RAID 1 setup with two SATA drives. Finally got a file called "iastore.sys" from Vendor tech support dated October 2007 for Intel Matrix storage manager and it installed fine and OS installed fine using this driver for the RAID array. When attempting to update this driver set with the latest Intel drivers for this server board contained in the download file: ESRT2_Windows_v.13.10.0708.2009.zip, the system will not boot after update following update after installed OS procedure in file. F8 and restore last version worked I am back up again.This board runs fine under W2008 but Problem :I use this server board quite often to build entry level W2K3/W2008 servers and would like to run the latest drivers with system tray icon, etc. to be able to check array(s) without reboot on W2003 server.


      Any help would be appreciated.