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    Error occurred in Raid 0.  The drive still functions.  I corrected the drive using Disk Doctor so it now shows no errors, but the "Error occurred" message  still shows on start up.  How do I remove it?


      I looked through the Intel Storage Matrix information, but this information is not there.  I should give more info on this:  I was doing a full scan for the first time with Norton Security.  When it was scanning drive F it locked up giving me no control.  I had to remove power.  On restart, the "error occurred" message came up in the Matrix Storage program. I have two Raid 0 drives, C and F.  Drive C was not affected.  Disk Doctor scanned F drive and found the errors.  I allowed it to do a repair.  On restart it indicated every error was repaired.  However, Matrix Storage still maintains the message, "Error occurred."  Am I to assume the disk is physically failing?  The drive F is made up of two WD 10k rpm 80 Gb each that are built to last as can be.  I know they can fail eventually.  I need to know what Matrix Storage is telling me by this message.  Is it recoverable?