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    DQ77KB edp port to LCD




      Ive been researching about the onboard eDP port and its connection to LCDs and came across a problem that cant seem to find an answer to, maybe can find some help here,.


      I have found a few edp panels that I might be able to use with the dq77kb but all of them have the same issue. When I check the spec sheet of the panels, I see that the backlights mostly require 27V of DC power nominal for the LEDs. However, the spec sheet of the dq77kb states that it provides 12v/19v of backlight power. I have looked into seperate  LCD controllers and all of them have onboard DC to DC converters that apmplify the voltage for the panel, but I wasnt able to see anything about this on the dq77kb spec sheet. So, I can make the data connection between the dq77kb and the LCD but how can I make sure that the power for the backlight will be enough? Has anyone found an edp LCD that works with this board? Any ideas?