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    BIOS update fail. Boot loop after "update"


      I have the same exact issue as DexterKhan on this post DH61CR, after bios update, fails to boot. Always black screen. I never managed to make appear the intel logo again.


      I tried the same as Dexter did and nothing.

      Also tried all the recommendations contained in the above thread link and no recovery procedure started.


      My motherboard is DB75EN.

      Tired to upgrade from 0026 to 0046


      Sometimes the pc keeps on and the USB led never blink but stays on. Also nothing shows up on the screen.


      I have tried with 0026.bim and 0046.bim on the usb separatedly without any success.


      I hope you can help me. I am desperate. This is my only board and I am writting this from a friends pc.