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    Intel RST raid 0 consistently failing on reboot


      Hi Intel Community,


      I am having an issue ever since setting up a raid 0 using Intel RST with 2 Western Digital 750GB Sata 3 7200RPM BLACK hard drives model: WD7500BPKX. Upon reboots or shutdowns I am consistently getting an error in the raid bios stating the volume as FAILED and one of the disk as a non-member. However upon press Ctrl+I to enter the bios the raid volume shows up as normal as it should with both HDD as part of the raid. If I let the system continue to boot into windows I get an error in the Intel RST software stating raid volume inaccessible and given option to reset to normal. When I reset to normal and go into windows disk management the drive comes back online and an able to access it in windows explorer. I have ran Seatools Short generic test on both hard drives when they where not part of the raid and both drives passed, furthermore both drives are new bought off amazon. There is occasions on reboot where the raid array shows normal and boots into windows no problem without having to reset the volume to normal. Any troubleshooting assistance I can get on this would be appreciated, my thoughts so far is pointing to a bad raid controller dont know if I could fix this one without a whole motherboard though and that wouldnt be worth it to me. The problem doesnt appear to be Intel RST drivers in windows seeing how the volume is being show as failed at the bios level.



      A little bit about my system:


      Alienware 18 R1 Bios A10 (Latest)

      Windows 7 Home Premium

      Intel RST software drivers (Also attempted to use the intel RST drivers directly from dell website

      16gb DDR3 1600mhz 4x4gb

      64GB Samsung PM831 mSata SSD (OS)

      2 x 750GB Western Digital BLACK SATA 3 7200RPM Model: WD7500BPKX  (STORAGE)

      GTX 770M SLI

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          It does seem to be an issue with the onboard RAID controller. I would recommend trying to update the RAID BIOS or Option ROM through a computer BIOS update.

          Please bear in mind the BIOS update has to contain an updated RAID BIOS.
          If the problem is indeed the RAID BIOS, then this issue is related to the board itself. You need to contact Alieware for possible warranty options.