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    TPM2 command buffer address is invalid in the ACPI table of the NUC5i5MYHE


      There is a firmware bug in the latest version (currently 24) of the NUC5i5MYHE's AMI firmware where the TPM2 command buffer in the TPM2 ACPI table is invalid (it is zero-filled, but should contain a valid memory address).  This bug has already been reported in the Linux kernel at https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=98181 and appears to be common to systems with AMI firmware and TPM2 devices.  Could you please issue a firmware update with this problem fixed so that the TPM2 will work properly?


      Here is the TPM2 ACPI table entry:

      TPM2 @ 0x00000000DA390048
        0000: 54 50 4D 32 34 00 00 00 03 CD 49 4E 54 45 4C 00  TPM24.....INTEL.
        0010: 4E 55 43 35 69 35 4D 59 01 00 00 00 41 4D 49 20  NUC5i5MY....AMI 
        0020: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  ................
        0030: 06 00 00 00                                      ....

      Note that the 0020 line contains only 0s.  The first eight bytes of that line should contain the TPM2 command buffer address.

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          I went through the https://bugzilla.kernel.org thread you provided and I see that users Jarkko.sakkinen and Jethro Beekman suggested work arounds and Jarkko is waiting for a NUC to perform deeper testing. It doesn’t look necessarily like a firmware bug but it could be a programming difference in the TMP2.0 present in AMI CMOS chips.


          Intel NUCs are compact computing solutions meant to be used mainly in Microsoft Windows environments as HTPCs, Digital Signage or as a regular personal computer. We are aware about users utilizing these units for specific purposes with different operating systems like Linux but this is under their responsibility.


          In order to address a possible bug with the TPM chip in these NUCs we need to get information about problems using this feature in a Windows operating system. With a detailed description of the problem we will be able to address it.


          For more information about supported operating systems in our NUCs visit the following link:



          If this issue is affecting only a specific task in Linux I am afraid this is out of our scope of support.


          I hope that Jarkko.sakkinen is able to address the problem properly for you.


          PS: I forgot to mention that we recently released a new BIOS version 0026 for these NUCs, it won’t be bad idea updating it just in case it helps. Here is the link to download the latest file: