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    82579LM Diagnostics Question...


      Hey everyone--thanks for checking this out. Here's what I got: HP 8460P laptop running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. 8 gigs of ram and plenty of memory so we should hum along fine. The 82579LM gigabit network adapter comes as standard. Utilizing CenturyLink DSL with speeds of around 7 MB down and about 1 MB up max coming into a TP-Link TD-W8980 router with gigabit ports and connected directly by a cat 5E ethernet connection.


      My problem is this: I can almost never get even half of that DSL speed to my computer. Sometimes it moves pretty well, but most of the time (especially lately) it's been frustratingly slow. I get a steady 7 mb to the router, but things seems to be bogging down between there and my laptop. Tweaked Chrome, DNS settings, etc and nothing changed. Today I uninstalled the network adapter and reinstalled a fresh one, thinking maybe the glitch is in there.  Should be the latest and greatest driver, etc--ProSet is what is says when I open properties and the driver version is Link Speed shows I'm auto negotiating at 1 gb full duplex. I even ran the diagnostics to check everything, and that's where it gets interesting...


      All of the diagnostic tests under Link Speed come up green and mean, EXCEPT for the Cable Quality Status and the Cable Integrity Status. No matter what I do--swap out cables, switch ports, change inputs (I have a dock for my laptop, and I've tried both wiring into the dock and bypassing it directly to the laptop) it fails both of these tests. Is this my problem? Is there a setting somewhere that can fix it? And are there any tweaks on the Advanced tab that might help a clean, fast signal get through without bogging down? Been around and around on this and come up short everywhere I've turned. Hopefully someone here can help--thanks!

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          Hi jbird5150,


               Thank you for the post.

          1) Just to double check aside from the TP-Link TD-W8980 router, have you try testing the connection to another router?

          2) Try check if there is any firmware upgrade on the TP-Link router and upgrade if needed.

          3) You may tweak some setting in the advance option of the network to see

          if there will be any changes. See information below:


          4) Have you contacted HP regarding this issue?


              Hope the above information help. Thanks.





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            1) I actually was using a Centurylink provided router/modem before the TP-Link with the same issues. Thought the new one would maybe solve my problem, but it didn't.

            2) Firmware was updated to the latest version on the TP-Link a few weeks ago, with no change in speeds.

            4) I have not contacted HP about this. Working my way up the ladder as you might say.


            I will look at some of those tweaks in the advanced options. Thanks for those.

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              Wow, there's a lot of stuff in the Advanced tab...can anyone give me some direction? Maybe a "best settings" type of thing? Sorry, I'm not that much of a techy when it comes to the advanced stuff.


              Also, why would I keep getting the "failed" message with the cable quality status and cable integrity status if I've checked and rechecked that everything works? Appreciate any guidance you can give me.

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                And let me throw one more wrinkle in...I just ran the Intel Driver Update Utility to check and see if I missed anything, and it's said I needed a driver update for the network adapter to version 20.1 from I thought I had updated this earlier, but apparently not. So I thought, YES this has to be the problem. Downloaded, ran the update, restarted and checked the properties. Still showing as with a date of May 2014. So I uninstalled everything, rebooted, ran the install for a clean slate, and rebooted again. Nope--same deal. What's going on here? Why won't it take the new driver? I'm not getting any errors. It installs fine. This is driving me bonkers...

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                  Hi jbird5150,


                      Thank you for the reply. The setting in the advance setting can be varied depends on different network environment, what you can try is to tweak the setting pertains to performance option e.g. Performance options - Receive descriptors or Receive buffers or the Transmit descriptor..


                      The version that you downloaded is PROSet version 20.1 (which refers to the software version), the driver available for your 82579LM ethernet controller is still version As this is a onboard NIC on HP 8460P, I would recommend you to contact HP for customized driver specifically your ethernet controller on  HP system. .