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    S1200V3RPL 3.02.0002 bios does not allow VT-x properly (Hyper-V won't install)


      Built new server with S1200V3RPL board and Xeon E3-1220. Updated to latest bios 6/15,3.02.0002 and installed Server 2012 R2. Tried to install Hyper-V but it says that virtualization is not enabled in bios. Checked settings, turned off/on, power down/up, clear cmos, tried another CPU, pulled hair, etc. Nothing worked. Flashed bios back to previous version from 5/21/2015 3.01.0002, everything is fine. Looks like a bug in latest bios.  We are working on 3.01.0002 bios with no issues but others may run into this without an update. Thanks.