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    1 Long and 3 Short boot with no display


      An Intel E3-1225V2 is mated to an ASUS P8BWS with Entec PS 750W Bronze and 16GB compatible Kingston Memory. I loaded the system with Windows XP Pro and all SP's then upgraded to Windows 8, 8.1 with updates. The system ran fine for 4 months, On the 4th month I came into my office, spent a few minutes and observed an electronic component burn oder. I looked to my computer and saw a few sparks and then a small flame. The power supply was burned. I contacted the manufacturer and they immediately replace it with there best. Hmmm! Needless to say I was without a computer. I replaced the PS and powered the unit up. One long and 3 short, no display. I sent the MB to ASUS and they found nothing wrong. All that remains is the Processor and Memory. The processor is under warranty and the memory needs to be determined. 3 local services tell me they haven't the resources to test the MB/Proc/Memory. Any ideas to shortcut the sending in and wait situation?