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    External USB HDD disconnects and reconnects Repeatedly

    Navin Nembhani

      Received the same today from Amazon - testing it...


      External Seagate USB HDD Disconnects and Reconnects repeatedly while playing 1080P Video files.


      Since the ICS has ONLY one USB Port (BTW, is it 2.0 or 3.0?), I am using a USB (bus powered) Hub to connect the HDD.


      I observe the given behaviour only while viewing 1080p video files (Not docs, photos, audio files, etc.) It disconnects and automatically reconnects while playing video files.


      What could be the reason:


      1. Low Bandwidth (since HD Video files are involved)

      2. Inadequate USB Current (using USB Hub)

      3. Power/Sleep settings of external HDD (any settings specific to Windows 8.1 with Bing)

      4. USB Cable (using USB 3.0 cable)


      Anyone else encountering similar issues with Intel Compute Stick? Any assistance and support will be highly appreciated?