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    Keyboard dead with DP55WG


      In many cases after rebooting (Windows restart, Linux shutdow -r) the system the keyboard is dead and not reacting on key presses. No LEDs lighting. Even not before OS is loaded, e.g. to get into BIOS settings.

      Turing off currency (at the power supply) for some minutes in most cases helps.

      I am using a Cherry G83-6105 USB german keybord wich works on other computers, e.g., DP35DP like a charm.

      My BIOS version is 3822, but as far I can remember the same issue was with older BIOS version.

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          Hi Nospam21k


          Now we need to know if you have a incompatibility issue, boot order issue in BIOS, or a power issue.

          This is what I would do.


          1 Use a different keyboard on the DP55WG- A different manufacturer. Does it work? YES? You might have an incompatibility issue.


          2 If number 1 is not successful try check the boot order on BIOS, and make sure that boot from USB is DISABLED.


          3 What power supply are you using? Some times a shortage of power can cause issues with USB devices. So we need to know your power supply exact model number.





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            I have the same problem with the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard. It will not allow me to access the BIOS with the F2 key stroke. Once Windows 7 boots the keyboard will operate normally. To access the BIOS I used an older generic USB keyboard that would accept the F2 key. My first thought was that the Logitech implementation was at fault but I am not so sure now based on your experience.

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              With DP55KG the same Problem. (Windows7 & Logitech Illuminated Keyboard no F2-Function.)


              best regards

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                Hello and thanks for your interest.


                Sorry, I have no USB Keyboard from another manufactorer. Should I really buy one? If this should be an incompatibility issue then please fix it. These keyboards are very common here.

                Boot from USB is currently enabled since I need this.

                USB Legacy support is currently enabled but disabling does not help. If disabled, my usb harddisk disappears from the boot device list.

                PSU: Enermax Modu82+ 525W EPS ATX12V 2.3

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                  I've got a similar problem, but it's more or less the opposite of what everyone seems to be reporting.  I've got an Interlink Electronics Versapoint RF keyboard which has a receiver that plugs into a USB port.  It works fine UNTIL Windows boots.  So this means that I can change BIOS settings.  Once it boots into Windows (same problem with Vista Ultimate and Windows 7 Ultimate), the keyboard isn't recognized at all - if I plug the receiver into a USB port in after booting, there's no response (I should get the typical "new hardware found ... installing drivers" messages showing up).  The keyboard was previously working fine with a Gigabyte EP35-DS3P motherboard and Vista Ultimate as well as on other previous builds and still works on my other systems in the house (all running P35 motherboards).


                  I even went so far s to install another P55 chipset motherboard (an Asus P7P55D) and ran into the exact same problem.


                  For now, the workaround is to install a PCI card that adds more USB ports - the keyboard works there only in Windows (so I have to move it to one of the motherboard USB ports to change BIOS settings).


                  Other USB devices (a wired keyboard, flash drives, etc.) work fine in the motherboard USB ports - so I know the ports are recognized by Windows.


                  I'm using a Seasonic M12 600W power supply and the system has an ATI 3870 video card, Areca ARC-1300ix-16 PCI Express x4 SATA controller, Asus Xonar HDAV sound card, and the PCI USB card mentioned above.  The problem still occurs with all but the video card removed and with another P55 chipset motherboard, so I'm suspicious this is some sort of P55 compatibility issue.


                  Any thoughts?

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                    Looks like a BIOS issue. My Microsoft wireless desktop 3000, USB keyboard is working only before boot and after Windows/Linux running, but when GRUB starts, it is impossible to select between Linux or Windows. Hope Intel release new BIOS update soon.

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                      I've got an update to this problem for my situation.  I was reading another forum where the same basic subject came up, but regarding Gigabyte motherboards instead of Intel - so the same concepts obviously apply (same chipset, etc.).  A poster indicated that the issue is that each USB device has an identifier associated with it that has to be recognized by the BIOS in order to work, but if a hub that's supported by the motherboard is inserted in the middle, the problem will essentially go away.  Sure enough, a few other posters indicated that connecting their keyboard to the USB hub on their monitor (which is then connected to a USB port on the motherboard) works while connecting the keyboard directly doesn't.  I had a Belkin USB hub kicking around unused, so I figured there's no harm in trying it.  I figured I had a 50/50 chance of it working, but I'm happy to report that my Interlink Electronics Versapoint RF keyboard is now recognized by Windows through the Belkin hub.  I haven't tried rebooting yet to see if the keyboard is also recognized during boot for changing BIOS settings, etc. but it wouldn't be all that inconvenient to switch the connections around occassionally if needed.

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                        I'm having a problem also with USB on the DP55WG which while not exactly the same may be related.


                        I have Logitech DiNova Keyboard that has it's own Bluetooth dongle (BTW the keyboard works with a standard Bluetooth dongle but not in the intial boot sqeuance so I can't F2 etc)


                        Every time I boot my system fom cold I have to remove the dongle, reinsert it and reconnect the link between keyboard and dongle using their connect buttons.I've tried just the reconnect the link part but it doesn't work, the dongle needs to be removed and reinserted.


                        I've never had to do this before with this keyboard and have used it on a few different motherboards.


                        It appears to me that however the dongle was working in the past to store it's connection data with the keyboard no longer works. I'm not sure of the technicalities of the USB/BIOS/Dongle but my assumption is that either the BIOS isn't storing the details of the USB ports and what's connected to them or whatever small amount of electricity is used to keep the dongle alive when the system is off isn't working properly with this new board.


                        Anyway it's not a big deal, I can live with reconnecting my keyboard when I boot but I thought this info might help track down the problems people are having with P55 boards.

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                          I suspect the power off suggests a BIOS issue based on compatibility with legacy keyboards.  Without further study I can't exclude an INF issue however.  That is supported by the OS not recognizing the keyboard in the later post.  This issue is apt to be around for some time with non-USB keyboards still in use.

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                            Likely... no it's not a BIOS issue.  It's probably an issue with USB RMH.  You can see it referred to at this site: http://www.intel.com/products/server/chipsets/3400-3420/3400-3420-overview.htm


                            RMH = Rate Matching Hub, a technology where the old UHCI USB drivers are no longer used and all USB devices are either EHCI or have a sort of emulated UHCI connection to the RMH hub inside the chipset.  USB RMH is a technology that was launched on P55 Chipset, it's the default mode and all P55 boards (from all vendors) are working to make it more stable.  If you want to verify whether or not you are using USB RMH mode, just look at your USB devices in windows device manager.  If there are only 2, and they are EHCI, you are USB RMH mode.  If you see any UHCI controllers, you are the "legacy" USB mode.


                            There are some known USB devices (and some unknown) ones that have conflict with USB RMH mode at the chipset silicon level.  We have done our best to work around those with clever BIOS and driver settings, but some still just fail.  There are efforts going on right now still to find creative work arounds and fixes to get past the new issues introduced by USB RMH mode.  More to come on that later.



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                              I've solved my problem and thought I'd post here in case it helps anyone else in the same situation.


                              I've moved the USB dongle from a Motherboard USB port to one of the ports in the USB hub on my Dell monitor and the connection between the dongle and keyboard now remains after the system has been powered off.

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                                The key point to why that fix worked... the Dell Monitor probably has an internal USB Hub that the previously failing keyboard was then behind.  That can be a workaround and it's worth testing if any of you are having a similar issue and own a separate USB hub.

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                                  Yeah - it's the same workaround I mentioned back on Jan 1st.  Pretty frustrating, but at least there is a workaround.

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                                    Edwin, excellent start here on explaining where the likely source of failure is. Unfortunately we would like a fix. I am using the DP55WG, i7-860 with Ubuntu 64 bit 9.10.


                                    I have a cherished AT 84-key keyboard with a DIN plug. I have it on a DIN to PS2 converter. This worked FINE with my Win XP and MSI motherboard with PS2 ports.


                                    Now that I have begun creating my new systems on the Intel DP55WG I discover that I am doomed. Without PS2 ports, I used a KB/Mouse to USB dongle converter to set up my DP55WG system using an old Dell PS2 keyboard. Worked fine.


                                    Next it was time to move the cherished KB. Well, as you can guess, it would not work at all. I have the DP55WG configured for "USB Legacy" in the BIOS and that did not work. I tried turning this off and that did not work. I have tried 3 different USB hubs interjected and nothing worked.


                                    I am now searching for more USB hubs to try. Any advice on what to look for?


                                    How do we get Intel to fix this problem on the DP55WG? I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in this motherboard. I have reported a number of other problems with it, serious ones, yet no fixes from Intel. I purchased 3 of these boards in December for a project and have regretted it ever since.