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    NTSC Video Input/Output




      Has anyone used this shield nootropic design | Video Experimenter or tried using it with the Edison? I've looked at the required pins and I'm not quite sure that the Atom processor has them.

      Has anyone tried using NTSC in/out using the Edison, or have any insight on whether this is feasible?



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          Hello Omar_Abdeldayem,


          The Edison module doesn't have NTSC Video interface so it's not possible to run applications that involve this kind of interfaces.


          I've checked the shield you posted as well. It's very interesting. It uses the pins 2, 6, 7, 8 and optionally 9. The Arduino Expansion Board could be used to attach this shield, but unfortunately it won't work. I checked the TVout library available in the same page you pointed and it has been written specifically for the Arduino boards’ architecture. The library depends on the ATmega features. The Atom architecture is different and not compatible with this library.