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    Display won't wake up once Windows turns it off!


      It's a brand new notebook. It has 2 graphics adapters, Intel HD Graphics 5500 (On core i7 5500U CPU), and GeForce GTX 850M (4GB dedicated memory version).


      I've done nothing on it, other than installing Windows updates and creating recovery disks.

      • I set the "Turn off display after" option to 1Minute.
      • IMPORTANT: I set display brightness all the way to zero, the lowest setting possible, using either the keyboard keys, or the brightness option in Windows.
      • Leave the notebook idle for a minute, the display sleeps like it should (the notebook is set to sleep after 30 minutes, it's only the display that sleeps, the notebook is still awake).
      • Move the mouse, press keys on the keyboard, the screen does not come back up. The computer is still up and running-i can toggle keyboard backlight On/Off using the keys, but the display won't wake up.
      • Press the "Brightness +" button on the keyboard, the display wakes up. This is the only way to wake it up. The other option is to press and hold the power button, force a shut down, and start the computer again.
      • This happens ONLY when "brightess" is set to the lowest level. If brightness is set to even one level above the lowest, the issue cannot be reproduced. Moving the mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard will wake the display up in this situation.
      • Intel HD graphics 5500 driver is up to date (installed from HP website). I removed it and re-installed the version available on the Intel website, but the problem persists. I have reverted back to HP provided driver now.
      • GTX is up to date according to HP website. I haven't checked the Nvidia website though. But the display adapter in use is HD graphics, not Nvidia. I have configured Optimus to "ALWAYS" use Intel graphics, PhysX is also set to always use CPU (not GPU). And I have not loaded any game.
      • BIOS is up to date as well.
      • Battery/ Plugged in does not make a difference. If the display brightness is set to lowest, the screen will ALWAYS fail to wake up, irrespective of which power source is in use.


      What's causing this? A driver issue? Bad hardware? BIOS issues?


      Is the notebook itself bad?

      It's an HP Envy K203TX. I have asked everywhere, no one could solve this

      I have a "Next business day- at home service - with accidental damage cover" warranty on the notebook for 3 years.

      Called up HP the very same day I purchased the computer. They said they'll send me a technician, but no one has come over.

      The computer is 6 days old now. I complained on day 1.


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          I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the computer since first day but let me help you.

          From our side our drivers are generic so there is a chance that it may work.


          Can you please post the system information report here? How to get it?

          System Information: Click Start> Type System Information> Click File> Export> Save File> Attach using Advanced Editor Options.


          Kevin M