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    Want to upgrade processer from pentium lll xeon 1.4mhz to ???


      I have a compaq presario desktop but can't find model # but have motherboard model# O7A8H bios# 868p9 V1.11 using driver version 5.1.2600.0 with socket design XU1 Upgrade interface ZIF socket using 815 chipset driver version 5.1.2600.0

      Processer is Intel celeron pentium lll xeon 1.4 mhz type-0 family-6 model-b stepping-1 revision-1c lvevl 2-256kb level 1-16kb from intel processer frec.id utility? System Mechanic says: Intel pentium lll xeon X96 family 6 model 11 stepping 1 revision +A1,A1 level 2-512 kb level 1- 16kb, memory card 512mb, 150gb hhd and not able to find graphics card or been disable. Thats about all I can find out for this computer. Microsoft update says drivers ok but update version from intel is 6.2 and not sure if I should use new version. Would like to upgrade processer to be able to upgrade memory to 1gig and faster speed or learn how to overclock with out hurting computer. Be good learning and practice machine due to age.


                                              thanks for any info.