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    BLE Packet Sniffer with transmit only BLE devices


      So I've been looking around for quite a while now and I'm surprised this question hasn't been asked before. Basically, I'm working with an Intel Edison and trying to grab data from advertisement packets sent from a Silicon Labs Sensor Puck. This puck is a transmit-only device, meaning I cannot directly connect to it. I can only 'catch' its advertisement packets it sends out. I've heard about only one other person who has successfully done this but I have no idea how (Advertising packet sniffer with Intel Edison?).


      I've been successful in connecting and reading from other BLE devices, such as a TI sensor tag, using the gatttool command.


      My main goal is simply being able to grab the raw data packets sent from my sensor and put them anywhere -- translating them and putting them into a human friendly format is no problem. I have heard of some people mention Node.js and the noble library, but I'm not too familiar with using JavaScript in this situation and I'm also not quite sure that's what I'm looking for.


      Is there any way of doing this easily on the Edison? Perhaps using hcitool/hcidump? Thanks!