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    NUC5i5RYH Power On via IR




      I own the NUC5i5RYH for a few month now, but I have one problem I don't get solved.

      The Infrared receiver reads too much commands as power on.

      If I use the remote for my satellite box, some keys on that remote also power on the NUC.


      I already installed the current firmware 0249 for the NUC and the current windows drivers for the CIR device.

      I tested all settings for the CIR in BIOS, RC6, Custom Mode and XBOX, but the problem remains.

      I'm running on Windows 8.1 x64.


      I can exclude WoL to cause this, because I disabled WoL in BIOS and on the devices in the windows device management.

      I verified the problem by covering the Infrared receiver. If I do so, the NUC stays off.

      I had two other Media Center PC's before the NUC, both with RC6 compatible infrared receivers, but never experienced such a behaviour.


      Can anybody see a solution for that?




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          This is one of my top frustrations about the NUC.  In my opinion the IR should wake from sleep (via device drivers) but not power-up from shutdown (which involves the BIOS) - that is the way PCs worked before NUC.  But I guess there is a market otherwise.  Certainly it should not read some button such as Pause to be like a power-on.  If you are like me, you can use the latest BIOS options not just to choose the IR type as you describe, but find the option to disable power-up from S5.  That keeps my NUC from powering-on from shutdown, but I am still able to use IR to wake it from sleep.  Except that since that BIOS setting, I often seem to have to press the remote button multiple times to wake from sleep (before that setting I don't recall having to press multiple times to wake from sleep).

          P.S.  If you are curious about my other top frustrations about NUC, they are the strictness about memory speed and density choices, the way NUC tries to read monitor resolution capabilities and display small 1024x768 screen centered within such resolutions, and that internal WiFi antennas do not see weak neighbor WiFi SSIDs which are seen by most other notebooks/tablets/smartphones.

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            Hi, is there really no other solution to stop the NUC reacting on multiple IR Commands for wake up?


            As I mentioned, I had other HTPC before, and I always configured them to completely shut down, when pressing the Power Toggle on the MCE Remote.

            And it was never a problem to wake them from S5 with the remote as well. But these other HTPC never where powered on by commands that are for completely different divices, like the NUC does.

            The NUC powers on, if I use the remote for my SAT Box or the remote for my HIFI Receiver. That's really bad behaviour.

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              **** PUSH ****


              Hello Intel,


              is there really no solution for this?

              If a device is set to be RC6 compatible, it should only power on, if a RC6 power command is send from a RC6 remote.

              But the NUC is powering wih dozens of IR commands.


              That's really annoying and disapointing.

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                Hello JMcClane,


                We really apologize for any inconvenience, I can see that you have the BIOS version 0249, please try the latest BIOS version and let me know the result.


                You can download the latest BIOS version for this unit at:



                You can follow the steps to do the BIOS update at:


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                  I installed BIOS  350 now.

                  Additionally I uninstalled the device drivers for the IRC and installed the most current ones.

                  But the problem is still the same.


                  The NUC powers on with various IR commands.

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                    Hello JMcClane,


                    I’m sorry to hear that you still have this problem.


                    I will share this issue with our engineering department to give a better solution, once I get a response I will post it here.

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                      I believe the situation here is that the CIR on NUCs is very generic and this is causing conflicts or mixing of signaling with other devices using similar technology.

                      Unfortunately I don't have any recommendation at this point, I don't believe you are wiling to disable the CIR.